[BETA] Race - Dwarf

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[BETA] Race - Dwarf

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Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30ft,
Languages: Common and Dwarven

Deep Senses
Dwarves have dark vision 60ft and gain the Scent feat.

Toxin Resistance
Dwarves gain a +2 racial bonus to Fortitude saves vs poison and Disease. The time to onset for a given poison and the incubation time for diseases are doubled for dwarves.

A Dwarf's Strength is considered to be 2 points higher when determining how much they can lift, carry or drag. They also gain a +1 racial bonus on STR checks but not STR-based skill rolls.

Come Back For More

Whenever a dwarf takes a refresh action, they gain temporary hit points equal to their character level plus their CON modifier.

Choose one Major Dwarf Background and two Minor Dwarf Backgrounds

Major Dwarf Background Feats

Deep Mine Fighting Style [Background, Dwarf]
The dwarves have adapted the traditional hammers and picks of miners into martial tools and employ their mighty axes as the traditional weapon for slaying the great, flesh beasts of the depths.

Benfit: You gain proficiency with Axes and Bludgeons. While wielding a weapon from one of these categories, you deal +1 damage.

Breathgiver Caste [Background, Dwarf]
The most revered dwarven mystics are not those who shape stone, but those who move the fresh air in and the stale air out. The great undergound halls could not thrive without them.

Benefit: You gain Vin Affinity and gain filter air as a bonus spell. You also gain +1 to all CHA-baed rolls performed to interact with other dwarves if they know you have Vin Affinity.

Stone Shaper Caste [Background, Dwarf]
The laborers of the mystic sects of the dwarves, Stone Shapers or Erearthi are ubiquitous in Genmidi society to the point of being under appreciated.

Benefit: You gain Ere-a Affinity and gain either raise earthen pillar or instant pit as a bonus spell.

Mineral Sense [Background, Dwarf]
The blood legacy left in the dwarves by the dragons include keen senses geared toward finding valuable minerals, ores and gems for their masters. Rare is the dwarf in this age that hones this sense.

You may use your Scent ability to detect and identify minerals, metal and gems. You gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks to do so and a +2 racial bonus to Appraise, Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Knowledge (Architecture), and Mechanics when dealing with stone, gem or metal objects and construction.

Cultural Outlier [Background, Dwarf]
In recent years, young dwarves have abandoned the old holds and halls in droves, seeking new experiences of fortunes in the lands outside their borders. They throw themselves into their new vocations with zeal and often swiftly become experts.

Benefit: You gain +1 skill point per level and a +2 racial bonus to one skill of your choice. You suffer a -1 penalty to CHA-based skill rolls made to interact with other dwarves.

Minor Dwarf Background Feats

Heirloom Armor [Background, Dwarf]
In traditional dwarven families, passing down armor from parent to eldest child is one of the most well-known practices.

Benefit: You start the game with a set of masterwork metal armor of your choice. When worn by anyone else, the armor is ill-fitting and provides one less point of armor bonus to AC.

Mechanical Knack [Background, Dwarf]
Once dwarves started venturing out of their lands, they discovered mechanical principles and quickly adopted them, even in their homes and holds.

Benefit: You start the game with a level 1 mechanical schematic of your choice. You also gain a +2 racial bonus to Mechanics checks.

Emissary of the Hall [Background, Dwarf]
You were sent out into the world as a representative of your home hall. This gives you certain benefits in major cities.

Benefit: You have a writ from the king of your hall. While in a city, you do not have to pay for lodgings or meals of a quality below 'excellent' as long as you present this writ. If the writ is lost or stolen, you must either retrieve it or return to your hall and convince your king to issue a new one.

Authoritarian Refugee [Background, Dwarf]
Growing up under the strict rule of their kings and families, rebellious young dwarves quickly become masters of subterfuge of all kinds.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Misdirection checks with an additional +1 when dealing with authority figures.

Cultural Sponge [Background, Dwarf, Miare]
For those who abandoned the great halls, the great halls of Genmide, the cultures of those on the surface, particularly humans and half-elves are an irresistible lure.

Benefit: You gain the benefit of any one Human National Background feat.
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