[BETA] Race - Miare

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[BETA] Race - Miare

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Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30ft,
Languages: Common and choose one of: Elven or Sylvan

Cat's Claws
Miare have sharp claws (1d4 slashing x2) as a natural weapon.

Prehensile Tail
Miare have a prehensile tail, which can be used as an extra hand for carrying items including lanterns and shields as well as performing simple manipulation. Dex-based checks and attack rolls made using the tail suffer a -4 penalty. The prehensile tail is not coordinated enough to count as an extra limb for the purposes of Multi-Weapon Fighting.

Miare Senses

Miare have low-iight vision 120ft and have the Scent feat.

Miare Scenting
A Miare gains a +2 bonus to Perception checks made to follow or identify scents.

Agility Burst
Once per day, a Miare gain a +5 racial bonus on Dex-based skill checks and Reflex saves until the start of their next turn.

Choose one Major Miare Background and two Minor Miare Backgrounds

Major Miare Background Feats

Claw Mastery [Background, Miare]
Most people would never know it, but miare in the Great Green Expanse were some of the deadliest hunters—and they did so with their bare claws.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Unarmed Strikes and your claws become (1d6 slashing 19-20 x2). Additionally, you may treat your claws as Light Blades fro the purposes of which techniques they can be used with.

Household Imagica [Background, Miare]
In keeping with their domestic image, miare tend to specialize in spells that help them be handy around the house, shop or office.

Benefit: You gain Vox Affinity and move object as a bonus spell.

Manipulate the Stereotype [Background, Miare]
Since the Ashing of the Green, the view of miare as passive social doormats has become so pervasive, that it is no wonder many miare have learned to use that to their advantage.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Misdirection and Sense Motive checks. Once per day, when interacting with a non-miare, you may add an additional +1d6 to the roll.

Merchantile Disarm [Background, Miare]
The legendary miare politeness is often its own reward...

Benefit: You start the game with an additional 50gp +25gp per point of CHA modifier. Whenever you successfully haggle, you raise or reduce the end price by 10%.

Minor Miare Background Feats

Cultural Sponge [Background, Dwarf, Miare]
Left with no homeland and no prospects, the miare decided that the best way to survive was to assimilate.

Benefit: You gain the benefit of any one Human National Background feat.

Arboreal Alertness [Background, Elf, Miare]
In the deep forests and jungles, danger can pass within a few feet without detection. Those who live there are constantly on guard and ready to leap into action.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks and Initiative rolls.

Special: This bonus stacks with Elven Ears and Miare Scenting.

Command Nicely [Background, Miare]
Even when breaking someone to your will, it never hurts to do so with the right words.

Benefit: The DC of your Compulsion and Charm spells increase by +1.

Red in Tooth and Claw [Background, Miare]
The one thing people would do well to remember is that a miare is just as likely to kill them as a human or ogre if pushed too far. And neither of those come equipped with a dagger on each digit.

Benefit: Once per combat, while making an attack with your claws, you may declare you are using this feat. If you hit, the target gains the bleeding condition.

No One Gives Mind [Background, Miare]
The powerful and unenlightened tend to not even notice miare, as if they were furniture. This is to your detriment.

Benefit: Once per day, you may make use of Bardic Lore (as the class feature) in order to learn private details about a public or powerful individual. If you have the Bardic Lore class feature, this check is at a +3 racial bonus.
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