[BETA] Race - Hailene

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[BETA] Race - Hailene

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Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30ft, Fly 45 (clumsy)
Languages: Common and Hailene-de

Strained Hover
You can hover as a move-equivalent action. While doing so, you are flat-footed.

Aerial Eye
Hailene have low-light vision 60ft and are unaffected by concealment granted by mist, dust or smoke if the target is within 20ft.

Hinged Ribs
Hailene gain a racial +2 bonus to Escape Artist checks and rolls to end the grappled condition.

Powerful Lungs
Hailene automatically gain the Endurance feat.

Choose one Major Lasconti Background and two Minor Hailene Backgrounds

Major Hailene Background Feats

Skybound Soldier [Background, Hailene]
The hailene, being born to flight, prefer ranged weapons and polearms in battle.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Crossbows and Polearms and gain Advanced Proficiency with the light rifle.

Hailene Choral Training [Background, Hailene]
Hailene traditions in martial spellcraft is focused on sound and light.

Benefit: You gain Vin Affinity and the spell sound lance as a bonus spell.

Aerial Ace [Background, Hailene]
You have focused your efforts on becoming the strongest and best flier among our people.

Benefit: Your fly speed becomes 60 (poor). You may fly with good maneuverability for a number of rounds equal to your CON modifier.

Illium Claimant [Background, Hailene]
The children of the sundered isle are welcome to return.

Benefit: You've been granted a ruined estate on the Illium Archepelago as part of the Illium Reclamation (See Property Rewards). The estate has largely been overrun by jungle, but still has a largely intact tower, villa, manor or small keep as you so desire.

Minor Hailene Background Feats

Self-Assured [Background, Hailene]
Your worldview is solidly centered on your sense of self and you own superiority.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to will saves. Whenever you fail a Will save vs Charm or Compulsion effects, you may re-roll the save.

Imperious Display [Background, Hailene]
The constant games of posturing of hailene society has made you an expert in cowing people with body language.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate checks and Diplomacy checks to make someone back down from an argument.

Winged Aegis [Background, Hailene]
Spreading your wings, you ward your allies from ranged fire.

Benefit: As a move-equivalent action, you may grant 20% concealment to all adjacent allies until the start of your next turn.

Powerful Voice [Background, Hailene]
You employ your mighty lungs to enhancing your song and speech.

Benefit: You gain a racial +1 bonus to the DC of all Bardic Spectacles that involve singing or oration. You also gain a +2 racial bonus to performance checks.

Ancestral Protection [Background, Haiene]
Your culture still practices the worship of ancestor-gods, and your ancestors have responded favorably.

Benefit: Once per day, you can call upon the aid of one of your ancestors to protect you from harm. Either add 1d6 to one saving throw you just made or subtract 1d6 from an attack roll that just targeted you. Use this ability after you know the result of the roll.
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