[BETA] Race - Lasconti

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[BETA] Race - Lasconti

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Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30ft
Languages: Common and Sylvan

Spider Reflexes
+1 racial bonus to Initiative and Reflex saves.

Spider Blood
+4 racial bonus to Fortitude saves vs poison.

Lasconti Sight
Lasconti have Low-light vision 60ft.

Hengeyokai Heritage
Lasconti have the [Shapechanger] subtype.

Spider Form
As a full round action, a lasconti can shift into the form of a Tiny spider.

They gain darkvision 60ft, a bite attack (1d4-2 (minimum 1) piercing x2), a +2 size bonus to AC, a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks involving sight, and a +2 size bonus to DEX-based skill rolls and Reflex saves. They suffer a -2 size penalty STR-based skill rolls and are considered to have 4 fewer STR points for the purposes of determining encumbrance.

They also gain the ability to spin webs and use them like tiny-sized ropes. While in this form, the cannot speak, cast spells, or use tools besides their own webs and gain [magical beast] as a subtype. In spider form, a lasconti is impossible to distinguish from a natural spider except with a Knowledge (Nature) check opposed to the Lasconti's own.

Returning to their base form takes a swift action.

Almaga Form
As a full round action, a lasconti can shift into a form that blends human and spider traits.

They gain a Climb Speed of 20ft, a +2 natural armor bonus to AC, a +1 racial bonus to STR and Dex-based skills rolls and to Reflex saves. They gain a bite attack (1d6 piercing x2), and up to six claw attacks (1d4 slashing x2) based on the number of attacks they can make based on Base Attack Bonus, feats, etc.

They also gain the ability to spin a web, creating up to 50ft of spider silk rope a day in whatever increments the lasconti chooses. This web grows brittle and disintegrates within six hours of creation.

The almaga form is unsettling to behold and unwieldy. While in almaga form, the lasconti suffers a -2 penalty to all CHA-based skill rolls, a +4 racial bonus to Interaction rolls made to Intimidate, and they cannot cast spells that require somatic components.

Returning to their base form takes a swift action.

Choose one Major Lasconti Background and two Minor Lasconti Backgrounds

Major Lasconti Backgrounds

Highwayman Inspiration [Background, Lasconti]
You have devoted your training to live up to the famed lasconti highwaymen of dime novels and legends.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Small Arms and Long Blades and gain a +1 racial bonus to attack and damage rolls while wielding a Long Blade in one hand and a Small Arm in the other.

Socialized Empathy [Background, Lasconti]
The cosmopolitan upbringing of the lasconti sometimes leads to an intimate understanding of how a wide range of sentient beings think.

Benefit: You gain Psi Affinity and the spell detect emotions as a bonus spell.

Spider Agility [Background, Lasconti]
You have the speed and agility of a spider even in your humanoid form.

Benefit: You gain +10 to your base movement speed and a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics checks while not in your spider or almaga form.

Minor Lasconti Backgrounds

Prematurely Famous [Background, Lasconti]

Even before your first adventure, you've built up a far-reaching reputation for yourself, resulting in you being showered with praise and gifts wherever you go.

Benefit: You start the game with 100 additional gp. Once per session, you may declare that a non-hostile sentient creature has heard of you and recognizes you, thus automatically shifting their attitude one step toward friendly.

Arachnid Empathy [Background, Lasconti]
You've taken an interest in your kin and thus understand their nature and moods.

Benefit: You gain a +2 to Beast Mastery and Knowledge (Nature) checks regarding spiders and a +2 to CHA-based rolls when interacting with intelligent spiders. Further, you are able to give spiders orders as if they were an animal companion, though whether or not they obey depends on their attitude toward you.

Slave to the Narrative [Background, Lasconti]
You have accepted all the tales of heroic lasconti as utter truth to the point that you are capable of great feats through shear determination and/or delusion.

Benefit: Once per day, you may add +1d6 to any die roll provided the action is dramatic, risky or heroic (i.e., you cannot use this bonus on mundane actions such as searching from traps, but you can for charging an enemy by means of swinging at them on a rope, or attempting to bullrush an opponent off the side of an airship).

Shun Attention [Background, Lasconti]

You have rejected the tales and the faux fame that comes with it and have learned a great deal about avoiding attention.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Stealth and Survival. You always succeed in concealing traces of your passing while traveling alone if you do not rush.

Poison Fascination [Background, Lasconti]
Being a spider, you found it only natural to study poisons and it turns out you have a talent for it.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to rolls to identify, treat or create poisons. In addition, you can use the heal skill to cure poison. The DC to do so is equal to the poison's Save DC +5. Failure of this check by 5 or less delays the onset of the poison for one hour. You may retry this check once an hour and you may not take 10.

Master Weaver [Background, Lasconti]
Experimenting with your webs has given you a special understanding of thread and weaving.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Appraise and Craft rolls regarding cloth items. In addition, you can use your own silk for material when crafting clothing. Every 10ft of silk used this way accounts for 1gp of material cost. Thanks to the refining you have to perform to do this, silk used in this way does not degrade.

Scurry Skitter [Background, Lasconti]
You grew up picked on for not being as exciting as the stories say. You've learned how to escape your bullies with extreme celerity.

Benefit: You may move at your full speed while crawling. Standing does not provoke an attack of opportunity against you, and any turn during which you move at least half your speed, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC.

Lasconti Heirloom [Background, Lasconti]
An ancestor has left you a valuable and useful legacy.

Benefit: You start the game with a special set of almaga rings. In addition to storing your equipment while you are in spider form, these rings also allow you to shift into spider or almaga form as a move action.
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