[BETA] Race - Elf

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[BETA] Race - Elf

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Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30ft
Languages: Common and Elven

Arboreal Build
+2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics. Climb Speed 10 for climbing trees or other large plants.

Elven Ears
+2 racial bonus on Perception checks made that involve hearing.

Elven Sight
Elves have Low-light vision 60ft.

Elvish Tenacity
Once per day, when you take damage that would take you to zero or fewer hit points, you may take a refresh as a swift action regardless of whether or not you've taken a refresh in that combat.

Choose one Major Elf Background and two Minor Elf Backgrounds

Major Elf Backgrounds

Woodland Hunter [Background, Elf]
You are used to hunting in deep forests and compensating for screening foliage.

Benefit: You ignore up to 20% concealment and never risk hitting an ally when firing into melee. Making ranged attacks with a bow does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Lifeweaver Mystic Tradition [Background, Elf]
The elves of the Tresholm sculpt their homes and businesses from living wood and plants. You know the least of these secrets.

Benefit: You gain Vitae affinity and know the spell minor plant shaping.

Tresholmi Weapon Traditions [Background, Elf]
You have trained as a warrior of the Tresholmi people and are familiar with the standard weapons they use.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Long Blades and Bows, and Advance Proficiency* with the bastard sword.

Minor Elf Backgrounds

Arboreal Alertness [Background, Elf, Miare]
In the deep forests and jungles, danger can pass within a few feet without detection. Those who live there are constantly on guard and ready to leap into action.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks and Initiative rolls.

Special: This bonus stacks with Elven Ears and Miare Scenting.

Tresholmi Agriculture [Background, Elf]
Farming the lush ecosystem of the titan bolls has taught you a deep understanding of flora and fauna, particularly what is good to eat.

Benefit: +2 racial bonus to Nature and Survival checks. While in a forest or jungle, you always find enough food to feed one Medium humanoid each day at minimum, regardless of your Survival roll.

Deep Roots In The Community [Background, Elf]
You have lived in one city, village, etc for more than fifty years and have gained an intimate understanding of it and its people.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks made against citizens of your home city and in situations directly relating to your home city. You also gain a +5 racial bonus to Knowledge (local) rolls pertaining to your home city.

Communally Raised [Background, Elf]
You were raised by everyone in your home town, not just your parents. This gave you piecemeal knowledge of a great variety of things.

Benefit: Once per day, you can choose to gain a +1d6 racial bonus to any INT, WIS, or CHA-based skill roll in which you have no skill ranks. Choose to use this ability before making the roll.

Woodland Trek [Background, Elf]
You are adept at moving through forested terrain.

Benefit: Your movement is unhindered by plant-based difficult terrain.

Rooftopper [Background, Elf]
You have exchanged the branches of the jungle for the roofs of the city.

Benefit: When outdoors in a city or large town, you may take 10 on all DEX and STR-based rolls made to move around, over or up city architecture and obstacles.
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