[Brainstorm] Rituals

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[Brainstorm] Rituals

Postby Vaal » Tue May 31, 2016 10:43 am

I really liked 4e's rituals, spells that take a longer time and often more resources than combat spells and aren't connected to being a spellcaster.

For Ere, I plan to expand on this. Not only will big spells be rituals, but so will magic items. The ability to make a magic item isn't tied to a given spell or feat, but to learning the ritual needed to create it.

There are no +X items on Ere. there are fixed and expanding ones though. Fixed items do specific things while expanding ones are keyed on your personal power (level) and have greater capabilities based on your level. Use Magic Device can trick it into thinking you're higher level.

Anyway, you can find, buy or research the rituals to make fixed items, but making an expanding one requires an initial ritual and then constant maintenance every level to 'upgrade' it as opposed to ones you find that wre fully (or partially) upgraded when you find them.

Some rituals are also 'trigger rituals' that you have to set up ahead of time, then leave unfinished except for one last thing (snapping a twig, saying a phrase, etc) to set it off. These are usually high powered offensive or defensive spells.

There's also the 'Trigger Array' ritual, which lets you turn any spell into a trigger ritual, and 'Delay Array', which lets you put a spell on a timer. Fun for setting up a Sublime Fireball to go off after you're safely away.

Trigger Array also takes the place of scrolls.
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