Welcome! Read This First!

Come discuss the World of Ere d20 game's development.

Welcome! Read This First!

Postby Vaal » Tue May 31, 2016 11:08 am

Welcome to the World of Ere d20 board!

Before you start participating in threads on this board, please be aware that the rules here are a little different than the rest of the forum.

First and most importantly, is that this is a development forum for an Open Game License game based on the Pathfinder SRD, which in turn is based on the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 SRD. Everything posted here (except setting details) are subject to the OGL. If you have stuff you want to show off that you don't want to be potentially used in the game and thus subject to the OGL, DO NOT POST IT HERE. Post it to General Discussion. Everything here is to be taken as a customer product suggestion freely given. Sorry if that sounds shady, but it's a legally cover-my-ass thing.

Also, I want you to feel free to post you questions and ideas about the game here without anyone mistaking them for anything 'official', so I'll be posting using a few official tags for things that I'm actively thinking of/working on, like so:

Concept - An idea where I have an idea for a component of the game, but no mechanics.

BETA - A mechanic or element I've come up with that needs polishing. Before it can even be playtested.

Playtest - A mechanic I'm satisfied with enough to open to feedback from people who tried it out in games. Feel free to give these a whilr and tell me how they worked.

Finished - Vall created, Playtester approved. This is what will appear in the WoE d20 SRD.

Setting - Setting information not found in the novels and shorts. NOT OGL. You can use this stuff in your games, but not for commercial works even if you are using the OGL. If you want to talk licensing, then we can talk, but the flavor text is mah' baby.

I'll reports or change the tag of things as they progress, but there you go.
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