[BETA] Death and Dying

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[BETA] Death and Dying

Postby Vaal » Tue May 31, 2016 10:40 am

I don't like the death rules from any D&D edition. 3.x was decent, but death's door didn't expand with your level and increased HP. So here's my attempt:

Death and Dying
A character at exactly 0HP is unconscious.

Any attack that reduced a character with an HP total of 0 or greater below zero reduces them to -1HP.

A character at -1HP and below is dying. At the start of their turn, they lose one hit point. If, at the start of their turn, the character has a negative HP total equal to 10 + Con modifier +1/2 character level, they must make a Fortitude save DC 20 or die.

A character that is returned to 0HP or more, or a number of temporary HP greater than or equal to their negative HP total is no longer dying.

A character may attempt to stabilize a dying character with a Heal check of a DC equal to 10 + the dying character's negative HP total. On a success, the character is no longer dying and does not lose HP at the start of their turn.

Healing effects that do not bring the target back to 0 or more HP do not stop characters from dying.

Coup de Grace
As a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity, a character may attempt to kill an adjacent dying. The target must make Fortitude saving throw DC 10 + the maximum damage of the attacker's weapon or die. A successful save means that they merely take maximum damage from the weapon automatically.
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