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[BETA] Ritual Rules

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Ritual Rules

A ritual is a spell that can be cast with little to no investment of spell points to produce longer-term effects at the costs of longer casting times and occasionally higher costs.

Rituals are not limited by a spellcaster's spells known and do not require spellcaster levels to cast them, though some require the worship of a certain god to use. Anyone can buy or find a ritual and anyone trained in Spellcraft can attempt to cast them.

Performing Rituals
To perform a ritual usually requires drawing arrays, performing complex, sometimes dance-like gestures, and/or chanting. A ritual cannot be performed when unable to move, but those that require chanting or other vocalizations are noted.

No matter what, casting a ritual requires a Spellcraft check. The ritualist may not take 10 on this check and failure means the ritual fails and half of the materials are wasted unless they are listed as not being consumed.

The effects of a ritual manifest at the end of the casting time or, if noted, at the start of the casting time. In the later case, they end at the end of the casting time, or when the ritual is disrupted. A ritual is disrupted if the caster is forced to make a concentration check and fails. No materials are wasted if a ritual is disrupted.

Characters are able to safely take short breaks of up to 15 minutes to eat, drink and relieve themselves during rituals with a casting time longer than four hours, but if a ritual has a casting time longer than 24 hours, the caster begins to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation, including needing to make Concentration checks each hour.

You may always choose to have a ritual have a lesser effect than what is determined by your Spellcraft check, but any other amounts are fixed.

Obtaining Rituals
Mages, characters who take the Ritualist feat, and those who start play with a ritual book all gain a small number of rituals for free, determined by the source of their initial rituals. Otherwise, rituals may be purchased like any normal item for their Ritual Cost plus markup, found as treasure, or researched.

Researching Rituals
A ritual may be researched by expending mystical reagents worth its Ritual costs, plus a Spellcraft check with a DC equal to its Spellcraft DC + 15. A character attempting to research a ritual gains a +2 on the check for every full day they spend researching and may make a new check at the end of each day. A character cannot take 10 on theses rolls.

On a natural 1, the reagents used to research the ritual are wasted without the ritual being learned and the Ritaul Cost must be paid again to continue researching. Otherwise, the reagents are not expended until the spell is researched.

Rituals of Creation
Magic Items are all created using Rituals of Creation, which are rituals unique to that type of magic item. The requirements, and work time needed, and ritual cost for these rituals are listed in the item's description. A character may add Expertise bonuses related to the crafting of similar mundane items to the Spellcraft roll to create the item.

For every 5 points by which you exceed the Spellcraft DC for the item, it reduces the work time required by 2 hours.

Work time is not the same as casting time. A character may only put in 8 hours of work time into item creation per day, eating, sleeping and resting as normal, but if they cannot continue their work within 1 day per 5 character levels, the ritual fails and all materials are wasted.



Known a minor miracle or least wish in some circles, prestidigitation is almost universally taught as the first spell any magic user knows.

Requirement Costs: None
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Affinity: Universal
Spellcraft DC: 5

When you cast prestidigitation, choose one of the following effects:

    [li]Alter the sensory output of a touched object or part of an object weighing no more than 1 pound per level, changing its taste, texture, coloration and colored patterns, or scent. This effect lasts 1 hour plus 1 per 5 points by which you beat the Spellcraft DC.[/li]
    [li]Create a flashy but harmless magical display such as a soft glow, a brief flash, a strong scent, or a puff of smoke.[/li]
    [li]Warm or cool and object. This effect does no damage and imposes no penalties on the object or creatures touching it, but can make food and drink palatably warm or cool as desired. Temperature changes revert to normal at the natural rate.[/li]
    [li]Clean or soil, dry or moisten up to 1 cubic foot of an area, material or a willing creature. The moistening effect does not count as the soaked condition and the dry effect is not powerful enough to end to soaked condition.[/li]
    [li]Create a small, fragile object or palm-sized image. Such objects cannot be used as tools or spell components and are instantly recognizable as magical facsimiles. This effect lasts 1 hour plus 1 per 5 points by which you beat the Spellcraft DC.[/li]

Ritual Cost: 25gp


The darling spell of all sailors, the waveride spell allows a ship to cut through even the most powerful waves and move forward through the most powerful currents

Requirement Costs:
150gp of materials, plus a scale replica ship carved from driftwood (50gp) and a masterfully crafted bowl carved from driftwood (150gp), neither of which is consumed by the ritual.
Casting Time: up to 8 hours (see text)
Affinity: Akua
Spellcraft DC: 15

You grant a bonus to the Pilot check of anyone attempting to pilot whatever watercraft you are aboard equal to the amount by which you beat the Spellcraft DC and adds a bonus to the craft's speed equal to your total Spellcraft skill bonus rounded to the nearest 5.

This bonus lasts for the duration of the spell's casting time. You may stop casting the spell at any time.

Using this ritual more than once in a 24 hour period increases the Spellcraft DC by 10 for each casting.

Special: If you have an Expertise related to sailing or shipbuilding, you may add your Expertise bonus to this Spellcraft roll.

Ritual Cost: 200gp


Akua Creae
One of the most well-known of all spell rituals, akua creae provides a means of creating water at need.

Requirement Costs: None
Casting Time: 5 rounds
Affinity: Akua
Spellcraft DC: 10

You bring into being an amount of water determined by your Spellcraft check, and appears in the nearest, unoccupied space or containers.

Spellcraft Roll – Amount of Water

10 – 1 cup
15 – 1 gallon
20 – 1 5ft cube
25+ - 1 5ft cube plus 1 5ft cube per 5 points above 20

The water is clean a potable upon creation and is in no way magical. Spells that require nearby water can use this water easily.

Each casting of this ritual reduces the ambient water vapor in the air, imposing a cumulative -10 on subsequent Spellcraft checks made in the same location on the same day.

Ritual Cost: 50gp


Raise Stone Wall
Earthen or stone barriers protect most homesteads and farming enclaves thanks to their ease of creation and general sturdiness even with a lack of upkeep.

Requirement Costs: None
Casting Time: 5 rounds
Affinity: Ere-a
Spellcraft DC: 15

You raise a 5ft cube of compacted earth, stone, sand or clay from the ground, creating a unworked stone or earth wall 5ft thick, 5ft tall and 5ft wide in a space within 20ft of you. For every 5 points by which you exceed the Spellcraft DC, you may raise an additional 5ft cube. Additional cubes can add dimensions to an existing unworked stone or earth wall; making it thicker, taller or wider by 5ft.

Creatures occupying spaces affected by this ritual can tell what spaces are being raised and easily avoid them.

The caster may take a voluntary -10 penalty to their Spellcraft check to create a hewn stone wall instead, or a -20 penalty to create a masonry wall.

Special: If more than one caster performs this ritual simultaneously within 20ft of one another, all involved casters gain a +2 to their spellcraft rolls for each additional mage taking part in the ritual.

Special: If you have an Expertise related to masonry or architacture, you may add your Expertise bonus to this Spellcraft roll.

Ritual Cost: 200gp

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