[BETA] Race - Halfling

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[BETA] Race - Halfling

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Size: Small
Base Speed: 20ft.
Languages: Common, Halfling, plus any one other Language

Small Size
Halflings gain a +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls, a +4 bonus to Stealth checks, a -1 size penalty to CMB and CMD, and are treated as having 2 fewer STR when calculating how much they can carry, lift or drag.

They also use Small weapons instead of Medium, suffering a -2 penalty to attack rolls with Medium weapons. If a halfling uses a Medium weapon, they do so as if it were one step larger in terms of handedness. Light weapons are one-handed, one-handed weapons are two-handed, and a two-handed weapon is unchanged.

Favored of Pandemos
The god Pandemos tips the cosmic scales in the favor of all halflings, whether they are his devotees or not. Once per day, they may decide that one roll they make or that targets them is either a natural 1 or a natural 20.

Hard Target
Halflings gain a +2 to AC vs attacks of opportunity.

Choose two Major Halfling Background and two Minor Halfling Backgrounds.

Major Halfling Backgrounds

Nir-lumos Martial Training [Background, Halfling]
The caravan halflings have developed a martial tradition of ranged attacks, disabling their enemies, and brutal, efficient killing blows.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Long Arms, Flexible weapons, and Advanced Proficiency with the kukri.

Special: You may not take this feat if you have any feats with the words nir-ley or nir-latos in their names.

Nir-Lumos Magic Focus [Background, Halfling]
Caring for their family, animals and wagons are the main concerns among the caravan halflings.

Benefit: You gain Vin Affinity and regenerative touch as a bonus spell.

Special: You may not take this feat if you have any feats with the words nir-ley or nir-latos in their names.

Nir-ley Defensive Training [Background, Halfling]
When forced to fight, nir-ley prefer to keep their enemies at a distance.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Polearms and Bows. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity if you leave an enemy's threatened square by moving away from them.

Special: You may not take this feat if you have any feats with the words nir-lumos or nir-latos in their names.

Nir-ley Spellworker [Background, Halfling]
The nir-ley have abandoned the safety of caravans and now protect their villages by convincing the rest of the world they don't exist.

Benefit: You gain Akua Affinity and snap veil as a bonus spell.

Special: You may not take this feat if you have any feats with the words nir-lumos or nir-latos in their names.

Nir-Latos Streetfighting [Background, Halfling]
On the city streets, halflings learn to deal out violence up close and personal.

Benefit: You gain Proficiency with Small Blades and Unarmed Attacks. You gain +1 to damage rolls with those weapon types.

Special: You may not take this feat if you have any feats with the words nir-lumos or nir-ley in their names.

Nir-Latos Hedgewizardy [Background, Halfling]
In many less advanced townships and small cities, fire is one of the greatest dangers. The halflings there keep that in mind when studying mysticism.

Benefit: You gain Flaer Affinity and flame-scattering cloak as a bonus spell.

Tallfolk Scavenger [Background, Halfling]
Many halfling communities don't create their own tools and weapons, but use those created by their neighbors.

Benefit: You may use light and one-handed Medium weapons without penalty.

Swift of Foot [Background, Halfling]
Keeping up with their taller neighbors has always been an issue for halflings. A few have taken this to heart and strive to do so literally.

Benefit: You gain +10 to your base speed.

Canid Companion [Background, Halfling]
Little is understood about the bonds halflings of all walks of life tend to form with canines of all types, but it is a very real phenomenon and the halflings raise exceptional beasts.

Benefit: Gain a wolf, fox or dog as an animal companion. That companion gains +2 STR and +2 CON.

Area Expert [Background, Halfling]
Halflings make it a point to know and understand the places where they live with unmatched intimacy.

Benefit: Choose one city (ie Harpsfell), geographic region (ie the Rame Mountains), or caravan route where you live. You gain a +5 on all Knowledge checks regarding that location or the relevant route. Once per day, you automatically succeed on such a check.

Minor Dragonsired Background Feats

Share Luck [Background, Halfling]
Blessed by the luck of Pandemos, many halflings are also blessed with his generosity.

Benefit: You can use your Favored of Pandemos ability on rolls made by or targeting your allies.

Big Game Hunter [Background, Minotaur, Halfling]
You have spent your formative years hunting and bringing down deadly and delicious monsters much larger than you. It makes you well-suited to fighting big monsters.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to attack and a +1 dodge bonus to AC when attacking or being attacked by creatures at least one size larger than you. You gain an additional +1 to both if the creature is three or more size categories larger than you.

Lockdown Artist [Background, Halfling]
Rendering their foes helpless before dispatching them isn't dirty fighting to a halfling, it's a survival skill.

Benefit: You gain +3 to CMB when using weapons with the grapple or trip keyword.

Rich Inner Life [Background, Halfling]
It's been noted that when placed under spells, halflings will sometimes display the uncanny ability to retreat into their own minds, somehow destabilizing the magic's hold over them.

Benefit: You gain a racial +2 to Will saves made to end ongoing magical or supernatural effects.

Friendly Defense [Background, Halfling]
Halflings learn the importance of family and friends from a young age and will protect their loved ones with ferocity.

Benefit: Allies adjacent to you gain a +1 bonus to AC and Passive Saves.

Agile Action [Background, Halfling]
Hallings are naturally dexterous, but a few are capable of amazing deeds of grace and agility.

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics rolls. Once per day, you may choose to add +5 to any one Acrobatics roll you make.
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