[BETA] Race - Minotaur

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[BETA] Race - Minotaur

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Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30ft,
Languages: Common and one of: Goblin, Draconic, or Sylvan

Mighty Frame
Minotaurs can use Large weapons with no penalty and are considered to have 4 additional points of STR for the purposes of determining how much they can lift, carry or drag.

If a minotaur wields a medium weapon, they treat it as if it were one step smaller in terms of handedness. A two-handed weapon is one-handed, a one-handed weapon is light, and a light weapon remains light.

Horned Gore
You gain a gore natural attack (1d4 piercing x3). If this attack is used as part of a charge, it does double damage.

Naturally Stable
Minotaurs gain a racial +1 bonus to Fortitude saves, a racial +2 bonus to rolls to resist being tripped, re-positioned or disarmed and on rolls to push other creatures.

Choose one Major Minotaur Background and two Minor Minotaur Backgrounds

Major Minotaur Background Feats

Minotaur Blade Mastery [Background, Minotaur]
Martial traditions among minotaurs centers around the use of heavy bladed weapons being considered the highest form of weapon mastery.

Benefit: You gain proficiency with Long Blades and all Shields. You also gain Advanced Proficiency with either the daizaku or dire blade.

Iron Soul Practitioner [Background, Minotaur]
Minotaur society values agrarian skill first of all, but martial ability far ahead of magical. Minotaurs with natural tendencies toward magic gravitate toward ferif as a means to enhance their martial prowess.

Benefit: You gain Ferif Affinity and hone edge as a bonus spell.

Unparalleled Devotion [Background, Minotaur]
The loyalty of a minotaur is absolute, the depth of their devotion unfathomable.

Benefit: Choose a god your character reveres. You start the game knowing a bonus level-0 Prayer that god provides regardless of if you have levels in a class that grants Prayers.

Swords to Plowshares [Background, Minotaur]
You have eschewed the arts of war for philosophy and scholarship.

Benefit: Once per day, you may choose to add +5 to any Diplomacy, Knowledge, Craft or Perform check you make provided you are trained in that skill.

Minor Minotaur Background Feats

Honor Blade [Background, Minotaur]
Young minotaurs, upon reaching adulthood, may choose the gift of an honor blade, a weapon forged especially for them that is a symbol as their adulthood and their choice to dedicate themselves to the art of war.

Benefit: You start play with either a masterwork daizaku or a masterwork direblade. This weapon is made specifically for you and in the hands of anyone else, it imposes a -1 penalty to attack rolls. Whenever this weapon would otherwise be destroyed in combat, it is dropped or lodged in an obstacle and unrecoverable until the end of that combat.

If you lose or sell your Honor Blade, news soon travels among the important personalities in your life and you suffer a -2 to all CHA-based checks made to interact with those characters as you have shamed them deeply. The only way to overcome this penalty is to retrieve or buy back the honor Blade.

Big Game Hunter [Background, Minotaur, Halfling]
You have spent your formative years hunting and bringing down deadly and delicious monsters much larger than you. It makes you well-suited to fighting big monsters.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to attack and a +1 dodge bonus to AC when attacking or being attacked by creatures at least one size larger than you. You gain an additional +1 to both if the creature is three or more size categories larger than you.

Stoic Poise [Background, Minotaur]
Your upbringing strongly discourages anything less than bravery in the face of danger.

Benefit: If you fail a Will save vs a Fear effect, you may reroll it at a +4 bonus.

Mountainborn [Background, Minotaur]
For the minotaurs of the West, life in the Rame mountains provides its own kind of training.

Benefit: Your movement is unhindered by difficult terrain caused by craggy ground, skree falls and other forms of obstacle native to rocky, mountainous regions including those created by magic.

Tireless Tread [Background, Minotaur]
The minotaurs who inhabit the low, marshy ground of the East have long found little use for horses and make due with their own grit and determination.

Benefit: You can travel overland on foot at the same speed as a heavy horse.
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